Grab Your Revenue Share

Earn Revenue From Our 5 Casinos

Earn profits from over 1M+ pre-registered casino players through our token offering. As a token holder you can own a share of 20% of all profits from our casinos! The more tokens you own, the more revenue you will earn. Tokens are selling out fast! Make sure you grab your share today!

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1M+ Pre-Registered Players

Over 1 million players have already pre-registered and this list is growing daily. As BetShare member who owns Global Casino Ownership Tokens (GCO) you will earn revenue based on how many tokens you own. The more GCO tokens you own, the more revenue you can earn.

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Global Integrity

BetShare is licensed and managed by eSports Mexico. Launched in 2016, eSports Mexico is led by groups of visionary entrepreneurs who are passionate about the future of the eSports and gaming industry.

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